Life's most meaningful test

Life is nothing more than a classroom. We should be more compassionate toward others since we are all students who need to take and pass the same exam.

Rest assured, there is no escape from the school of life. Dropping out is not an option. This school has an itinerary and will run its course until we reach the end of our life. We learn some lessons quickly, while others pose a more significant challenge. It may be necessary to retake the exam to achieve a passing grade. The goal is to pass the test with the fewest attempts possible. When faced with the opportunity to share the knowledge we have acquired with those who struggle, we should do so as we have likely been in their place before. And this is when we realize that we have passed the test because the most important life lesson is to help one another; this is the main reason for our existence.

Domestic violence around the world

The revolving door of our prison system

A recipe from God

Choose your side

All change comes with uncertainty; at first, it can be uncomfortable, but it is necessary to pave the way for progress.

Most of us are not likely to get involved regarding social issues affecting us because we expect others to do so. When we disagree with their proposed solutions for the problems we created in the first place, we finally speak up, but only with the intent to blame, judge, and demand answers. This behavior only leads to further division and still lacks the intention to find a solution. We must recognize that we are part of the problem and actively assume responsibility for our actions. This slight shift in perspective will help us focus on finding solutions; we can all become agents of change. One thing to remember is that implementing solutions always comes with a cost. Judgment and criticism are part of the game when we dare speak for those searching for answers and solutions. We all play a role; we are either part of the problem or the solution. Which side are you on?

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