OUr mission

Our mission is to create awareness and fuel the urgency for a new approach to address Domestic Violence. We must recognize that everyone involved is a victim and promote individual accountability. Our proactive action offers equal support to all and is the driving force for lasting change.

Founder Rosa Diaz

My name is Rosa Diaz; I am the founder of morethan1victim

It is well-known that we tend to become involved in matters that affect us or those we care about. In my case, I feel compelled to speak up about an issue that hits close to home – domestic violence. Once I healed, I decided to share my experience and provide a new and unprecedented perspective on this widespread, ongoing problem.  

When I refer to this topic, you will encounter an extensive use of the word accountability. However, there is a reason because the approach I applied to my healing process centers on this practice; it is the key to solving this problem. 

Unfortunately, topics such as domestic violence are uncomfortable to talk about. However, to remove the stigma surrounding this highly uncomfortable topic, we must openly discuss it. We should recognize that we become the solution once we realize we are part of the problem. I decided not to let my past define me; I cannot and will not remain silent.

our vision

We continue with our proactive approach to acknowledge and support all victims. We teach the value of accountability and the priority of creating a safe home environment for future generations. We are confident that our method will have a lasting positive impact and remain committed to achieving our goal.

Am I a victim?

Or am I an abuser?

The answer to both questions is YES. The truth is, just as there are two sides to a story, it is common to play more than one role in a toxic relationship.



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