A recipe from God

Baking is my favorite pastime. No matter how busy I am, I always find time to bake.

It is no secret that following a recipe ensures success. Based on my experience, deviating from a recipe always results in unsatisfactory outcomes. The end product fails in appearance, texture, and, most importantly, taste. When I began this project, to share my story about my involvement with Domestic Violence, I initially hesitated on how much to include because the foundation for my recovery is faith-based. God not only healed me but provided clarity and a solution. I was conflicted about how others would receive it, not because I was ashamed of my connection with God. On the contrary, this relationship saved my life. However, I initially believed that to reach more people, I must exclude my faith since many would not be interested in being preached to. But this was the wrong approach since I was providing you with a partial recipe for my recovery. And so, I opted to be transparent because I know it is what I appreciate from others.

Someone recently asked me if I could "tone down" the mention of God on my website to avoid offending anyone.

To explain why that would not be something I would ever consider, I must explain the significance of God in my life and the importance of following a recipe; I will share this analogy using my love for baking. Imagine I bake a cake and offer you a slice. You enjoy it so much that you request the recipe. I gladly share it, including a detailed list of all the necessary ingredients and step-by-step instructions so that you can recreate the exact delicious cake in the comfort of your kitchen. A few days later, you decide to bake the cake, then realize you do not have all the ingredients and exact amounts listed on the recipe. You proceed anyway, adding fewer eggs and less sugar. You substitute the oil type, believing what you use is a healthier option than the one on the list. You also omit the baking soda because you do not have any on hand. You mix the ingredients and place the cake in the oven. You set your timer, and when it goes off, you allow the proper cooling time and frost it. Even though you diluted, substituted, and omitted some ingredients in the recipe, you still end up with a cake. But when you taste it, you are disappointed because you realize that the texture and flavor differ from what you expected.

It is of utmost importance to me to include all the ingredients and instructions I followed in the recipe I applied to my healing.

We could translate it this way: One day God offered me a slice of the most delicious cake I have ever tasted, and He kindly provided me with the recipe. I purchased the ingredients and followed the instructions; I did not dilute, substitute, or exclude any of the ingredients or, in my case, the steps I received in the message He sent me. After tasting the cake, it was just as God promised, because any change to the recipe would result in never tasting God’s delicious cake. So, the answer to the question about “toning down” the mention of God, my reply is simple and straightforward; it is a resounding -NO. We all have our beliefs, and we should respect one another and be free to practice our faith. I choose to be transparent about my recovery. To leave out any part of this process would be misleading, as you would not be able to understand and appreciate the path I have taken. I am sharing the steps of my spiritual journey, which involved divine guidance from God and led me to where I am today; I do not intend to impose my faith or offend anyone. For me, it is this simple: I asked God to heal me, and He graciously shared the steps I had to follow. You decide for yourself what works for you and what does not. I am proud of my faith; I would not be here without God, whom I call Jesus. The recipe centers on God and accountability, and for all it’s worth, I know it works. I hope you find the healing and peace you seek and deserve.

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Rosa Diaz

I feel compelled to speak up about an issue that hits close to home - Domestic Violence. Once I healed, I decided to share my experience and provide a new and unprecedented perspective on this widespread, ongoing problem.

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